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Sponsorship Reliance Group (SRG) will partner and be your organization's sponsorship and exhibit sales team. We will focus on both short and long-term goals of the organization and create a sales plan around sponsorship and exhibit sales that will align with these goals.

Outsourcing this task to SRG will enable us to focus 100% of our efforts on pro-active selling to grow sponsorship and exhibit revenues. In some organizations, this will create more time to focus on other areas of responsibility.

SRG will research, evaluate, consult and execute a strategic sponsorship and exhibit sales plan.

The current trend is for most organizations to start selling for the following year’s convention at their previous year’s event.  Therefore, for most organizations to be successful they should be planning their sponsorship and exhibit sales strategy 15-18 months in advance of their events. However, due to lack of resources, money and time, this kind of pro-active planning is not happening.

If interested, we will travel to the following year’s host venue to meet with the key business partners, to review and negotiate what sponsorships can be offered.  SRG will present the options and recommended costs, so we can begin selling these opportunities at the previous year’s convention.

In addition, we will offer consultation to venues to better understand the power of sponsorship sales, and how to better position themselves when selling their property to groups.  SRG will consult with them on different and unique opportunities that should be showcased during all client visits to create more of a partnership, and potentially increase the hotel’s conversion rate.

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